Compact Electrol

  • High quality electrical projection screen, available in all common aspect ratios.
  • Easy to mount onto a wall or ceiling thanks to the Easy Install system.
  • The possibilities offered by Easy Install Plug and Play make connecting the screen fast and easy. The many Easy Install accessories are just as convenient and as fast to use.
  • The case and the projection screen surface can be made to exactly the right size and the case and slat bar are available in any colour for optimal integration into any interior.
  • Limit switches are factory set guaranteeing a long life span. The Compact Electrol is supplied with a wall switch.

Available aspect ratios

  • 16:10
  • 16:9
  • 4:3
  • 1:1

Available dimensions

  • Minimum width: 160cm
  • Maximum width: 300cm

Available Screen Surfaces

Material/ Screen Surface Gain Viewing Angle (degree) Base material Front / rear projection Application Ambient light resistance
Matte White 1.0 120 Fiberglass (non-tensioned) Front projection Standard resolution - color neutral Moderate performance
High Contrast 1.1 100 Fiberglass (non-tensioned) Front projection Standard resolution - contrast / deeper black values Moderate performance
Datalux 1.5 70 Fiberglass (non-tensioned) Front projection Standard resolution - reflective Good performance
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