Elpro Concept

  • Stylishly designed electric projection screen for wall or ceiling mounting. If you cannot hide the case into the ceiling, use a projection screen that is worth noticing.
  • A five year limited warranty on the Concept range to match the high quality of the products.
  • Easy to mount onto a wall or ceiling thanks to the Easy Install system.
  • Thanks to Easy Install plug and play connecting the screen to power or one of the many accessories is quick and easy.
  • The case and the projection screen surface can be made to exactly the right size and the case is available in any colour for optimal integration into any interior.
  • Limit switches are factory set guaranteeing a long life span. The Elpro Concept is supplied with a wall switch.
  • New user friendly packaging for an even faster installation.
  • High speed motor which is mounted in rubber dampers for low noise operation.

Available aspect ratios

  • 16:10
  • 16:9
  • 4:3
  • 1:1

Available dimension

  • Minimum width: 180cm
  • Maximum width: 400cm

Available Screen Surfaces

Material/ Screen Surface Gain Viewing Angle (degree) Base material Front / rear projection Application Ambient light resistance
Matte White 1.0 120 Fiberglass (non-tensioned) Front projection Standard resolution - color neutral Moderate performance
High Contrast 1.1 100 Fiberglass (non-tensioned) Front projection Standard resolution - contrast / deeper black values Moderate performance
Datalux 1.5 70 Fiberglass (non-tensioned) Front projection Standard resolution - reflective Good performance
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