Home Screen

  • High quality fixed frame screen with a matte black frame and a wide selection of screen surfaces.
  • The aluminium frame for the HomeScreen has a black matte finish.
  • The frame (8 cm wide and 3 cm deep) features a beveled edge, reducing shadowing of the image.
  • The projection screen surface is attached to the rear of the screen with Velcro┬«.
  • The frame and projection screen surface can be custom made to project requirements.
  • The projection surface is exceptionally flat, making it suitable for all types of data and video projection.
  • The frame is easy to mount with the supplied mounting brackets.

Available aspect ratios

  • 16:10
  • 16:9
  • 2.35:1
  • 4:3

Available dimensions

  • Minimum width: 176cm
  • Maximum width: 516cm

Available Screen Surfaces

Material/ Screen Surface Gain Viewing Angle (degree) Base material Front / rear projection Application Ambient light resistance
Matte White 1.0 120 Vinyl (tensioned) Front projection Standard resolution - color neutral Moderate performance
High Contrast Cinema Vision 1.1 100 Vinyl (tensioned) Front projection Standard resolution - contrast / deeper black values Moderate performance
Da-Tex 1.3 60 Vinyl (tensioned) Rear projection Standard resolution - contrast / deeper black values Good performance
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