Guide To Screens For Simulation, Visualisation, Command & Control And Other Immersive Applications

Partial Dome Screens

Stewart Filmscreen offers unique custom air plenum domes up to a 50-degree vertical by 360-degree horizontal field of view. The domes utilize a completely seamless screen membrane (up to 40’ by 90’) that is held to form by vacuum.

The advantage of these systems is that they are lightweight relative to their size and can be built to be transportable. In the event that the viewing surface is ever damaged and in need of replacement, a new screen can be installed in just a few hours in order to minimize valuable simulator down time.

Compound Curved Screen For Collimated Optics

In critical training applications, such as commercial aircraft cockpits, where multiple viewers are situated adjacent to each other on either side of the screen, it is imperative that each viewer’s perspective of the displayed virtual images be accurate and consistent with the actual conditions one would experience in real life scenarios.

With the use of compound curved front surface mirrors and rear projection screens the optical light path can be collimated to create a realistic perspective to multiple viewers.

Stewart Filmscreen’s experts in rear projection screen technology continue to team with experts from throughout the simulation technology sector to design and deliver the worlds most advanced simulation displays.

Curved Cylinder Displays

Single Axis curved screens address multiple channel projection displays where soft edge blending is employed to create a continuous seamless vista. Stewart Filmscreen can manufacture the screen and supporting frame structure to the customers specified radius and arc, all the way up to a full 360 degree field of view. Cylinderical screens are available in hard rigid substrates or flexible screen membrane suspended in an aluminum frame. Rigid front projection screens allow seamless image sizes up to 8 feet high by 60 feet wide. Flexible front projection screens can be configured in seamless sizes to 40 feet high by over 90 feet wide.

Segmented Flat Panel Screens

Stewart offers completely freestanding screen and frame systems built to specific project requirements.

The simplest way to display multiple projected images is with front projection screens arranged as segmented flat panels.

The flexible screen surface wraps around the front and side edges of the screen frame to conceal the screen support frames from the viewer.
This attachment design allows each projected image to adjoin with the adjacent display screens.

Under projection, only a hairline seam is evident to the viewer between each image. For rear projection, Stewart Filmscreen’s proprietary cantilevering wedge screen framing system allows each image to be projected completely to the outer edge of the seam – which minimizes the apparent seam gap between all adjacent images.
When floor space is limited behind the screens, consider folding the projector optics with Stewart’s front surface mirror systems. Stewart Filmscreen designs, builds, and delivers turnkey front surface mirror systems, including projector stands and projector mounts.

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