Stewart Filmscreen unveils FireHawk G4

Posted 18/10/2013

Stewart Filmscreen FireHawk G4 screen material is now shipping

  • FireHawk G4’s arrival brings improvements in uniformity, off-axis viewing, and the reduction of artifacts inherent in all ambient light rejecting screens
  • FireHawk G4 will replace both FireHawk G3 and SST screen materials

FireHawk G4, a new flexible, ambient light rejecting, front projection screen surface

Engineered for use with today’s high-powered projection technology in applications involving the presence of some ambient light, Stewart Filmscreen’s FireHawk G4 is made of completely opaque material, preserving light from the projector and preventing artifacts due to reflection from a flat panel or other sources of ambient light coming from behind the screen. 

The new formulation allows for a slightly lower gain and yields best in class uniformity, and the reduction in the number and impact of artifacts inherent in all ambient light rejecting screens. 

The result is an ambient light rejecting screen that is even closer to the reference quality customers have come to expect from Stewart Filmscreen than previous versions of FireHawk.

Unlike many ambient light rejecting screen materials currently available on the market, FireHawk G4 is available in large seamless sizes up to 8’ tall by 90’ wide and can be deployed via a roller system and perforated for acoustic transparency.

FireHawk G4 features less hot-spotting than previous versions of FireHawk and other ambient light rejecting screens and enables better performance from shorter throw projectors. A benefit of low gain is also a wider viewing cone, which brings FireHawk G4 and its ambient light rejecting benefits into play for a greater range of applications.

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