Stewart’s VCS is a powerful VC tool

Posted 02/10/2013

The Video Conference Screen (VCS) is a seamless front projection screen for large-scale business and video conferencing applications.

Whenever you see the Stewart Filmscreen imprint, you know that the product is top quality, and the VCS electric screen does not disappoint. Albeit designed for video conferencing applications, the VCS is an adaptable screen that can be utilised for a variety of business applications as well.

The VCS utilises a motorised video screen and trapdoor system which allows the projection screen to be concealed when not in use. This multi-purpose element allows the VCS to be easily integrated into multi-use business environments, such as boardrooms and large-scale meeting rooms.

Customised Housing

In designing the VC screen, Stewart has removed the persistent bug bear: the positioning of the camera. The VCS is outfitted with a customised housing that is placed underneath the screen. This positioning makes the camera less visible to conference participants, who might be uncomfortable with cameras that are in full view. This, in turn, can limit participation and productivity.

Business Applications

Yet, the VCS is not restricted to video conferencing applications. The screen and camera may be deployed independently if desired, allowing users to exploit the projection screen for other business requirements. The VCS can serve as a powerful presentation tool, providing users with a platform to fulfil the presentation needs of boardrooms, training and conference rooms, and meeting rooms.

Depending on the application, the screen can be optimised with a variety of Stewart Filmscreen’s front projection screen materials. Microperf X² is also available when acoustic transparency is required.

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