Thin is in with the new sleek Sabre screen

Posted 19/08/2013

The super-thin 1/4” beveled frame of the Sabre fixed frame screen creates a sleek, edgeless appearance.

Fully customisable, from the choice of screen material to the frame and material colours, the Sabre front projection screen from Stewart Filmscreen is engineered to meet the demands of the most sophisticated architectural and design applications.

It’s all about the aesthetics …

Despite its super-thin 1/4” beveled frame, Sabre can be optimised with any of Stewart Filmscreen’s award-winning, front projection screen material. The high-performance material is laminated to a rigid surface, allowing for a super-thin frame while still ensuring the screen remains flat.

If this isn’t choice enough, Sabre is available in a mix and match frame and material colours to achieve the desired aesthetic. These colour matched frame and screen material options provide a “zero edge” appearance. Sabre comes standard in choice of Matte Black or Brushed Pewter frame finishes, with many other finishes available upon request.

However, for those looking for an elegant, minimalist aesthetic, an optional 1/2” Veluxe overscan border can be added to provide better system performance.

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by Anders + Kern

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