Stewart Filmscreen Screen Surfaces - 
The standard by which all other screens are judged

Stewart Filmscreens is at the forefront of screen technology and has been creating the most advanced front and rear projection screens for over sixty years. Its vast range of quality-assured screens is available in both standard and custommade sizes.

Are you still specifying old projection screen technology?

Projector and projection system design has changed dramatically in recent years. In the past, fresnel lens-type screens with CRT and other low light output projection systems were standard.

But with today’s super-bright high resolution projectors, a completely different technical approach is required to ensure the screen delivers optimum performance.

Step up to Stewart Filmscreens – used by the best

Stewart Filmscreen products such as StarGlas, AeroGlas and FireHawk are designed for the most demanding high ambient light conditions, delivering contrast levels unsurpassed in the industry, in an unbeatable range of screen sizes.

Start using the same screens and projection surfaces that the world’s top integrators and system designers use and take your projection to the next level.

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