The perfect choice for front projection applications where ambient light is present

Front projection - FireHawk G4

FireHawk G4’s arrival brings improvements in uniformity, off-axis viewing, and the reduction of artifacts inherent in all ambient light rejecting screens

FireHawk G4 is a flexible front projection screen surface engineered for use with today’s high-powered projection technology in applications involving the presence of ambient light. 

Ambient light is the enemy of two-piece projection. Screens designed to reject ambient light can be effective at furnishing an image in even the brightest of rooms, but the trade-off is the presence of unwanted artifacts such as color-shift, hot-spotting, and poor off-axis viewing.

Stewart Filmscreen is in the business of image fidelity, and FireHawk was designed to provide the best possible tradeoff between image fidelity and ambient light resistance. With improvements to uniformity and off-axis viewing, G4 brings FireHawk even closer to the reference quality and image fidelity that have long been synonymous with Stewart Filmscreen.


  • 1.1 Gain with 35 degree Half-Gain
  • Best-in-class uniformity
  • Completely opaque material
  • Reduced hot-spotting and virtual elimination of “speckle” effect
  • Reduced color-shift in off-axis viewing

Stewart Filmscreen has created the "4k+" symbol to represent a screen as being “4k (and more) ready”. Stewart screens have been used in in applications dealing in line pair resolution well in advance of 4k.

All current Stewart Filmscreens are capable of handling this resolution. However, not all screens are optimal for applications for which you would consider a 4k projector.

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