The world's most advanced video projection screen

Revolutionary rear projection glass screen

StarGlas is a glass rear projection screen material formulated to offer unsurpassed contrast levels, at sizes over eight times larger than screens made by other manufacturers.

StarGlas accommodates short projection light paths. The diffusion layer between the glass protects it from damage, allowing StarGlas to be used almost anywhere, for example, outdoors, shopping centres, and schools. StarGlas meets Class II Safety Codes for installation in proximity to floors and doors.


  • Excellent for passive 3D applications
  • High level of soundproofing between the rear projection room and the audience area
  • Unsurpassed contrast levels at sizes over eight times larger than any other manufacturer
  • Identical gain and colour matching for multiple screen applications
  • Qualifies as a safety glass

Above: A Stewart Filmscreen StarGlas Rear Projection Screen set up at ISE 2014, being used with a Christie Projector and 7th Sense 4K media server.


More than just another projection screen

Architecture and design aren’t just about using the finest materials, they’re also about the vision
and artistry with which the designer combines resources to create a truly magnificent environment.

StarGlas is a revolutionary rear projection glass screen with remarkable visual and structural properties.Its ground-breaking family of products have hugely expanded the possibilities at the intersection of architecture and visual display. StarGlas can be used in a wide variety of settings for any conceivable application.

Imagine displaying your key advertisements or company information on storefront windows, glass stairways and even glass flooring. Deliver your marketing messages on glass tabletops or glass walls in the most popular bars and restaurants of the world. StarGlas gives you the chance to really use your imagination.

Custom Applications & Designs:

  • Walk-About
  • Monolith
  • Bar-Top Projection
  • StarPresence
  • StarLift
  • StarCam (for video conferencing)

Identified as a genuine building material

Leading architects have identified StarGlas as a genuine building material. It qualifies as safety glass, which means it can be installed where safety glass is specified in the building codes. This highly versatile and radical screen material allows for floor-to-ceiling video wall applications, since StarGlas can be installed directly on the ground. By contrast, ordinary glass must be placed at least 18˝ (457mm) above the finished floor.StarGlas is also available in curved formats to match any custom building design.

StarGlas is abrasion and stain resistant, allowing astonishing installations that can be in direct contact with the public. It can even be installed outdoors without being affected by the elements.

Stewart Filmscreen has created the "4k+" symbol to represent a screen as being “4k (and more) ready”. Stewart screens have been used in in applications dealing in line pair resolution well in advance of 4k.

All current Stewart Filmscreens are capable of handling this resolution. However, not all screens are optimal for applications for which you would consider a 4k projector.

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